Hydroponic Plants

Easy plants for indoor gardens.

With the help of plant grow lights, lush gardens will thrive and bloom anywhere—your desk in the office, a corner in your home or even your bedroom. A perfect way to bring nature indoors.

Too busy to water your collection everyday? Grow them the same way we do with passive hydroponics—no pumps, no filters,  no mess and holidays no longer mean dead plants.

An eco-friendly solution to temporary displays of cut flowers and leaves, growing plants are beautiful and purify the air by absorbing harmful chemicals and releasing negative ions.

Take the guesswork out of fertilising by using hydroponic nutrients. Plants use only what they need, reducing waste and water usage by up to 70% and cost as low as $0.21 per month.

LED plant grow lights are incredibly efficient compared to other types of plants lights. Electricity costs of your indoor garden can start as low as $0.81 per month.

Still puzzled by what you need to grow plants indoor? Don't worry, our quick guide is coming soon! Meanwhile, we'll be glad to help! Simply send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly!