Hydro Power C Liquid Fertilizer

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Each 1000ml bottle is enough for 200 litres of hydroponic solution or 400 litres of fertilizer for plants grown in soil.

A new and complete hydroponic nutrient concentrate from Japan that eliminates the need for mixing two different solutions, saving storage space and making it easier to fertilize your plants.

For hydroponic applications, use a dilution of 1ml : 200ml for leafy greens and nutrient hungry herbs like mint and basil. For mediterranean herbs such as thyme, rosemary or lavender, use a dilution of 1ml : 1000ml. Apply when changing the nutrient solution or to maintain EC/TDS levels.

For soil grown plants and other ornamentals, use a dilution of 1ml : 400ml and apply weekly.

Each bottle comes with a complimentary 30ml measuring cup.

Store in a cool and dry place out of light. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for consumption. If exposed on skin, rinse with plenty of water.

Nutrient Percentage (%)
Nitrogen 2.6
Phosphorus 1.0
Potassium 3.6
Magnesium 0.9
Manganese 0.003
Boron 0.002
Iron 0.037
Copper 0.0003
Zinc 0.0007
Molybdenum 0.0001
Calcium 1.21


Product of Japan