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A Vertical Garden at 10 Weeks

11 March, 2017

            A Vertical Garden at 10 Weeks

Vertical gardens allow us to enjoy a little bit greenery in our concrete jungle. With a bit of space and planning, bare walls can be not only transformed to lush flora to rest our eyes and soothe our senses, but also help to cool the surrounding environment and purify the air.

About 10 weeks ago we planted a vertical garden for a client. The location is quite windy, so we have opted for a hydroponic growing method for easier care and lower maintenance. The area receives around 2-3 hours late morning direct sun, with bright indirect light for the remainder of the day. Watered once every 2 days and fertilised fortnightly, we're all happy that it has grown very well during this time.


On the left, 4 weeks after planting and on the right, 10 weeks after planting. We've used mainly foliage plants here: Hemigraphis, Chlorophytum, Scindapsus, Epipremnum, Epiphyllum, Philodrendron, Spathiphyllum, and Tradescantia. These are generally hardy plants that can adapt to a wide variety of conditions. In fact we've had to trim some of the Tradescantia a little shorter than the rest as they were growing too fast.

If well designed, a vertical garden brings a lot of joy and fun for minimal upkeep, becoming even more beautiful as the plants grow. We'll definitely be posting updates of this one!