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Bola it!

Planting your Bola is easy. Here are some steps to get you started!

1. Planting your bola is easyto prepare the growing media for your plant. Here we have used a mix of coconut husk chips, charcoal, bark and spaghnum moss.

2. Line the inside of your bola with either geotextile or palm netting. This will help to hold the growing media in place.

3. Place a little of the growing media inside the bola, and place your plant inside.

4. The media should be compact enough that the plant doesn't fall out when the bola is turned upside down.

5. For extra moisture retention, tuck bits of sphagnum moss into the crevices in the growing media.

6. There you have it, a Bola all ready for hanging up!

7. When your plant outgrows your bola, all you need is to place the old one into a larger sized one and fill with the a coarser mix of media—it's easy!