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Bola Ring with Watermelon Dischidia


A beautiful accent for your garden or window, this dainty watermelon dischidia (Dischidia ovata) has been trained onto this Bola Ring, giving it an air of fairytale elegance.

Care Instructions

This dischidia as with most other plants in its genus, are fuss free requiring little care. They are epiphytic plants that climb on or dangle from trees in nature, and are well adapted for life in a high-rise garden. Letting it receive a few hours of direct sun in the morning or afternoon and it may acquire a red blush perfect for festive occasions; otherwise place them in a bright spot but away from direct sunlight and you will be able to enjoy the serene tones of its deep green foliage.

Water it every 2-3 days, but allow the growing media to dry out before watering again. Spray with a dilute fertiliser weekly or fortnightly, or you can add a tiny amount of slow release granules to the pot every month.

Note: Due to plant quarantine regulations this item is only available within Singapore.