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Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Grey'



(Lavendulax ginginsii'Goodwin Creek Gray')

A hybrid of Lavendula dentata and Lavendula lanata, this plant has slightly hairy and silvery grey foliage that occasionally appears toothed in some areas. The scent of the plant is more camphoraceous than English Lavender and smells a little like eucalyptus. Light purple flowers may appear upon maturity. Available as a small bush, a mini topiary or as a set of 5 rooted cuttings with a set of two nutrient concentrates to last 3-9 months.


Direct sun at least 6 hours daily, or supplement with grow lights up to 14 hours daily

Replenish water level up to 5cm below internal black mesh pot when necessary, usually every 7-10 days for smaller plants and 4-7 days for large plants. It's not necessary to replenish water daily but do not allow the glass bottle to become empty.

Every 10-14 days, empty out all the used solution in the glass bottle. This can be used to water other soil grown plants in your garden as it still contains some nutrients. Wash the bottle and the roots of the lavender and with fresh water if there is any algae. Mix a fresh nutrient solution by placing 500ml of water in measuring cup, then add 2.5ml (half teaspoon) of each nutrient concentrate into it. Mix the solution well before pouring into the glass bottle. 

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